Douglas-Fir 2m3
& Macrocarpa 2m3

Fully Seasoned, requires 1-2 weeks airing from delivery


Douglas-Fir is a medium-density firewood with good heat output and a reasonably long burn time. It’s easy to start the fire with and a clean burning wood which is good for our environment. It has a unique ability to shed rain, this makes it suitable for purchasing and burning during long wet seasons. Suitable for both open fires and log burners.

Macrocarpa is a medium-density firewood with good heat output and reasonably long burning time. Not suited to open fires as Macrocarpa has a tendency to spark.

Good to know:

Medium density wood lovers – this option is for you.

Both woods have a similar heat output and burn time but when burnt together they create the perfect fire.

Start the fire with Douglas-Fir then mix burn with Macrocarpa for a hot heat.

Easy to identity the two wood options. Douglas-Fir has a reddish/pink centre.

Macrocarpa creates a little more chips/scrappy pieces than other wood types. This is due to its natural composition. 

Ash should be cleaned from firebox every 3-5 weeks. Once cool – most fruit trees love it as mulch.

Make sure your firebox and flue are cleaned and inspected each year for your firewood to work efficiently.


ORDER NOTE: Ordering two loads (8m3) of a combo like this one is often more expensive than ordering 4m3 of each of the two single wood types.

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