GumSplit Pine

Gum 2m3
& Split Pine 2m3

Seasoned. Our most popular option


Mixture of fast and slow burning firewood suited to both open fires and log burners. This is our most popular option.
Gum: Gum will absorb rain. Please consider this when purchasing during winter. Hardwood, long burning time with maximum heat output, clean burning.
Split Pine: Softwood: Will generally burn faster than hard woods. Good heat output. Good to start your fire. Split Pine may absorb the rain readily due to its soft nature, consider this characteristic when purchasing during winter. Split Pine can be susceptible to mould that grows on the surface of the wood utilising sugars and other carbohydrates.It gives the wood a woolly or powdery appearance, but does not affect the firewood. NB: We don’t recommend burning Old Man Pine, it is a very dirty firewood to burn, soot’s up the chimney very quickly and is very bad for the environment.

ORDER NOTE: Ordering two loads (8m3) of a combo like this one is often more expensive than ordering 4m3 of each of the two single wood types.

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