Macrocarpa 2m3

Fully Seasoned, requires 1-2 weeks airing from delivery


Macrocarpa is a medium-density firewood with good heat output and reasonably long burn time. Not suited to open fires as Macrocarpa has a tendency to spark.

Good to know:

If you like the sound of ‘crackle & pop’ in your inbuilt fire, then this is the wood for you.

Macrocarpa has a burn time of almost double compared to a soft wood like Split Pine.

Has a pleasant smell when stacked in the wood shed.

Macrocarpa creates a little more chips/scrappy pieces than other wood types. This is due to its natural composition. 

Ash should be cleaned from firebox every 3-5 weeks. Once cool – most fruit trees love it as mulch.

Make sure your firebox and flue are cleaned/inspected each year for your firewood to work efficiently.

2m3 Orders are designed for those using in conjunction with other woods, outdoor bbq’s,  heat pumps or topping up towards the end of the burning season.

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