Green Energy Forest

Heat your home without heating the globe

Wood fire’s are better for the environment

In terms of limiting net greenhouse gas emissions, firewood is generally more favourable for domestic heating than other non-renewable fossil fuel sources of energy. Detailed information is available on the website

Greenhouse benefits of firewood

Warm your home without warming the planet

Did you know that by using sustainably harvested firewood to heat your home you can help to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions?

Sustainably managed forests, growing trees absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that is released when firewood is burnt. There are some other greenhouse gas emissions associated with burning firewood and with its transport, but is practically a carbon neutral system, unlike burning fossil fuels.

Firewood should be recognised as a practical, readily available source of “green” energy. Burning firewood releases no more harmful greenhouse gases than would be produced were the wood to simply rot on the forest floor.