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We know our stuff

We’re a family business with 40 years experience in firewood, we know our stuff.

The only way to do great work is love what you do and that’s exactly what happened many moons ago when Doug and Marilyn established WFS in 1983. With a great interest in the outdoors and a passion for nature, firewood slotted perfectly into our family genes.

From humble beginnings of two deliveries a week on a modest flatbed truck to quality automated machinery and a bunch of trucks buzzing in and out of the yard working efficiently to meet our ever growing market.

Over the decades family have joined WFS and each complementing aspects of the business from management, logistics, mechanical and customer service. Our staff fit in like family and remain with us enjoying their roles. Our reliable drivers come to know our customers and create a friendly bond making our customers feel welcome and loyal.

WFS has stayed true to its heritage and kept quality, great service and a prime reputation for many generations to come.

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Planting for the future

We go to great lengths to buy our sustainably harvested logs from forests that are replanting. By doing so we help the future of the timber industry and keeps firewood a renewable source for our next generation.

From forest floor to your door

We’ve got great friends in forestry, we buy their reject timber logs which were pushed over banks and left to rot but now the forest site is clean. We then use machines to process all our own firewood. Allowing us to control all aspects of production and meet strict quality control standards. Our machines process whole logs, cutting and splitting them into lengths of firewood before loading directly onto our delivery trucks. We then deliver direct to our customers throughout the Wellington and Wairarapa Region.