• Burning Firewood
    Keeping the Wellington region warm for over 37 years

Wholesale Firewood Supplies, has built its reputation on providing a quality product and service, delivering direct to customers throughout the Wellington and Wairarapa Region. The majority of customers come to us via word of mouth, this is our best advertisement and tells us we are getting it right. We produce all our own firewood, allowing us to control all aspects of production and meet strict quality control standards set down by management.

Firewood is an essential service, which allows us to continue delivering firewood during all levels. Authorised by MBIE

Coronavirus Covid-19

Delivery changes to enhance safety of our customers and staff.

Delivery of Firewood

Our drivers will have no contact with our customers the day of delivery other than a friendly handwave. Location for drop off can be specified prior. Please have gates open and designated drop off point clear. Gloves and Masks will be available for our drivers to wear.


For the time being – Bank transfer will be the only form of payment we accept.  We are no longer accepting cheques or cash. We will continue to receipt prepayments by email, as soon as the funds have cleared through our account, usually the following day. Our delivery driver will not issue an invoice at delivery, instead this will be done by email from the office later the same day.

Firewood Supply

We have plenty of firewood in stock for the entire winter. There are currently delays in delivery due to demand. We are doing our very best to get your delivery to you as soon as possible. As mentioned above firewood is classified as an essential service. Our aim is to keep our customers warm over winter. As long as our staff remain clear of the virus we will continue with our firewood deliveries.

Thank you for your continued support.

Our Website

Our website not only allows you to make your firewood order, it also gives you the added benefit of making an informed decision about the type of firewood you can choose. You can find out more about our firewood, quantities, burning capacities, and storing firewood, on the wood information page, otherwise head straight to the order wood page to place your firewood order.

WINZ Quotes

If you require a WINZ quote simply phone or email us your full name, address, contact phone number, type of wood required. We will either post or email your quote for WINZ.

Delivery Regions

We deliver direct to customers throughout the Wellington region as far north as Pukerua Bay on the west coast and Masterton on the east.