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Our family business delivers high quality, fully seasoned, sustainably harvested firewood, direct to your home.

Order fully seasoned wood you can trust

Wholesale Firewood Supplies has been in our family for generations, our knowledge of producing and seasoning firewood is what we do best. We proudly offer quality firewood all year round and travel far to source clean burning options as well as fast, medium and slow wood to heat your home. Our customers trust our firewood has been seasoned for the right amount of time and a uniform cut makes stacking firewood a pleasure.

Seasoned wood is good

Do you want smoke or fire? We season our wood so by the time it reaches your fireplace, it’s ready to burn brilliantly.

Warm your home without warming the planet

When you’re basking in the warmth of a WFS fire, you can be a bit smug knowing that our sustainable harvesting means it’s actually helping to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

From forest floor to your door

We’re working with forestry partners to take the rejected wood from the forest floor, and turn it into first class firewood – which we bring to your home!

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