Split Pine

Split Pine 4m3

Fully Seasoned, requires 2-3 weeks airing from delivery


Split Pine is a softwood. It will generally burn faster than other woods. Good heat output. Good to start your fire. Split Pine may absorb the rain readily due to its soft nature, consider this characteristic when purchasing. Split Pine can be susceptible to mould that grows on the surface of the wood utilising sugars and other carbohydrates. It gives the wood a woolly or powdery appearance, but does not affect the firewood.

Good to know:

Split Pine is very good value for money. Plan ahead with a softwood so that it has time to air if purchasing during wet seasons.

For those arriving home from 5pm and wanting warmth quickly, Split Pine will provide ample heat. For those that are home during the day we would recommend mix burning with another medium/hardwood to slow the volume of wood burnt through a winter season. This will save money in the long run.

The flame is lively creating lovely ambiance for your home.

Ash should be cleaned from firebox every 3-5 weeks. Once cool – most fruit trees love it as mulch.

Make sure your firebox and flue are cleaned and inspected each year for your firewood to work efficiently.

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