Manuka 2m3

Fully Seasoned, requires 1-2 weeks airing from delivery


Manuka is a premium hardwood. Hot burning, maximum burn time. Suitable for both open and closed in fires.

Good to know:

Luxury native hardwood.

If ambiance is what you seek – look no further. Manuka smells, looks and burns like no other wood.  

Heat output is hot and long when a red glowing base is created. We recommend Douglas-Fir to create a hot base.

Great for cooking in outside ovens.

Manuka is often hard to source due to the length of time to grow and season. You may need to consider other woods when not in stock.

Ash should be cleaned from firebox every week or this could affect the heat output.

Make sure your firebox and flue are cleaned/inspected each year for your firewood to work efficiently.

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